CUIB BOT adopts new vision and rally support behind its President .

Members of the board of trustees of the Catholic University Institute of Buea have expressed satisfaction in the way at which the university is being managed by the President Rev. Fr. George Nkeze and his collaborators despite the numerous challenges affecting schools within the South West and North West Regions of Cameroon.

They made the pronouncement during the 10th Board of Trustees meeting that took place at the Molyko Campus on the 16th of January 2019 chaired by the Chancellor/Founder of CUIB His Lordship Immanuel Bushu.

Addressing the BOT members, the President of CUIB Rev. Fr. George Nkeze outlined ways forward for CUIB amidst the numerous challenges faced by the schools within Cameroon and the South West Region in particular.

He highlighted that CUIB will be the cradle of Innovation, Growth Mindset, and Wealth creation which will go a long way to form minds and hearts of students who will cultivate a positive mindset in a way that efforts will be praised than intelligence.

According to the President, mindset is the Key to self and organizational transformation and hence, to create a great society, the students need to be trained to have a new mindset that will be positive in what he captioned “the growth Mindset”.

He reiterated that this is a kind of mindset that will enable students not to think they are smart but will make them see success as a process which needs to be worked on before it is archived, that is “The Power of the Not Yet” instead of teaching them a mindset that will make them feel they are smart and intelligent, that praises scores which will end up causing the students to cheat and fraud their way during exams.

Fr. George equally highlighted to the BOT members that a new CUIB to be rebuilt, will center on the principles of subsidiarity which is one of the principles of the Catholic Church in which decision making is taken at the lowest level possible and the highest level necessary.

He stressed that subsidiarity will be based on three principles which are; Trust and accountability, Centralization and decentralization and above all standardization and innovation.

The BOT Members while applauding the President on a job well done and for instituting the CUIB Douala satellite campus, reminded him of the need in making sure that the standards and values of CUIB are fully implemented in this Campus.