2018/19 CUIB A&T and CUIB S&A Board of Advisors meeting.

Keeping hope alive and improving on pupil’s and student’s security on campus were the main areas of focus at the recently held Board of Advisors meeting of the CUIB Elementary Entrepreneurial Academy (CUIB A&T) and the CUIB Entrepreneurial High School – the  STEAM Academy (CUIB S&A).

Chaired by the founder Reverend Father George Nkeze, President of the Catholic University Institute of Buea CUIB, the purpose of the gathering was to assess the work done since the beginning of the academic year in August 2018 and to map out possible ways forward for improvement as the school year unfolds.

Reporting on the achievements of the schools, the Interim head teacher of A&T and principal of S&A Mr. Ayah Abine said the elementary school registered an increase in its number of A&T pupils from 250 of last academic year to 276 pupils for the current year. For the secondary school created and authorized to run as from this academic year 2018-19, the number of enrolled students info form one only stands at 32.

Operating in the middle of the ongoing Anglophone crisis in Cameroon which threatens classroom learning, Mr. Ayah underlined the introduction of mobile and ubiquitous learning as a model put in place to ensure the continuous learning of pupils and students out of the classroom.

However this he noted was challenging at the beginning as it is a new model to parents who are key players in the process of the kid’s learning at home. Nevertheless “parents are adapting to change” he said and the model is applauded by many who are convinced of their children’s unceasing learning.

Speaking at the gathering, BOA members commended the efforts of the interim head teacher and principal for the efforts implanted in ensuring that the schools run hitch free.

As a way forward for the schools, the founder while congratulating Mr. Ayah Abine for his selflessness in running the schools, appointed him full time principal of the CUIB STEAM Academy and promised to bring in a full time head teacher for the CUIB A&T before the start of the second term.

 He noted that “Post School non-academic learning” will be incorporated into the system to develop and build children’s interest and the pupils and students will be assessed in their areas of interest be it football, dancing, arts and craft, just to mention these few.

Amongst the key resolutions arrived at in the meeting is the reinforcement of the security of the children which the BOA indicated will not be compromised.

As the children go on Christmas break, their resumption has been set for January 2019.