CUIB Sports Academy: Capacity Building Work Shop of CUIB Coaches

The CUIB Sports Academy has taken upon to properly impact fundamental sports skills on the pupils at the CUIB Academy of Talent (A & T). Taken into consideration the tender and fragile nature of children, they need to work with high quality coaches for better outcome. These coaches need to better understand fundamental movement skills and physical competence, child growth and development, the period of time to build a child – age and stage of development, the modification of sports science and the forecast of their kids to meet up with future demands.
These objectives are best attained by the formal and non-formal education of coaches working with kids. This explains why, the coaches of the CUIB Sports Academy – CUSA, came together recently to design a common platform for the children’s Long Term Athletes Development at the CUIB A & T Elementary School alongside their weekly programmes.

The Facilitator Coach Ifose Emile Mbella, International Coach and Coach Developer schooled his colleagues on the Long Term Athletes Development (LTAD) “aimed at providing a flexible blueprint for the planning and delivery of sport and physical activity to maximize participation and achievement”.

The coaches together analyzed different LTAD models from advanced countries and came up with a common platform on how to plan and deliver the Sports and PE programmes to the kids.

The coaches left the hall satisfied and decided to have this session weekly to enable a proper planning and comprehensive delivery of sports to the pupils

“I love what we did today because it broadens my scope in teaching children, their tender ages need more of participation and interactions to get every one of them motivated. We need more of this coach’s training programme”
Ngollo Collins (Coach Football)

According to the coaches, the seminar was timely and effective and they promised to do better as the move on with the training of the kids.