CUIB Sports Academy Product Represents Cameroon in China

CUIB Sports Academy Product Represents Cameroon in China

CUIB Sports Academy Product Represents Cameroon in China

CUIB Sports Academy Product Represents Cameroon in China

CUIB Sports Academy Product Represents Cameroon in China

Boulmo- Saibaia Yaoussoua Igor, is one of the many students who has been able to benefit from the sporting facilities of the Catholic University Institute of Buea Sports Academy within a very short period of time.
Born in 1998 in Yaoundé by Mr. /Mrs. Boulmo from the North Region of Cameroon, Boulmo- Saibaia Yaoussoua Igor, found His passion in Table Tanis as a kid and has always looked for a way to make His passion become a reality not leaving out His academics.

To have his dream come true, the young man had no alternative than to look for a school where He can secure His passion and at the same time pursue His education. The Catholic University Institute of Buea was His one and only best option where He could blend education and talent.

Thanks to the Sports Academy, the junior year student was later admitted into the Catholic University Institute of Buea were He had the opportunity to follow his passion in Table Tanis.
From His active participation in Table Tanis activities in the Catholic University Institute of Buea, Boulmo- Saibaia Yaoussou

Igor won the heart of His coach Mr Bensah Cyril who later put in more energy to ensure that Boulmo- Saibaia Yaoussoua Igor vision of becoming a great Table Tanis player becomes a reality.
News of Boulmo- Saibaia Yaoussoua Igor great performance in Table Tanis got to the office of the President of CUIB Rev.Fr. Dr. George Nkeze whose love for sports and excellence cannot be over emphasize

                                                                     Rev.Fr.Dr. George Nkeze

Rev. Fr. Dr. George Nkeze decided to invest in Boulmo- Saibaia Yaoussoua Igor career by buying sporting equipment that will help improve on Igors career and the task of making Boulmo- Saibaia Yaoussoua Igor becoming a professional was then put in the hands of coach Bensah Cyril and the CUIB Sports Academy, who did an excellent job on Igors career who became national youth champion on Table Tanis by 2016.

The 20TH OF June 2017 was a turning point in the life of the young national Table Tanis youth champion as he was selected by the National Table Tanis Federation to represent Cameroon in China on the invitation of the Ministry of Commerce in China for a three months competitive program aimed at promoting and commercializing Table Tanis Sports in China.

Before leaving for China, Boulmo- Saibaia Yaoussoua Igor had a one on one chat with the number one sports man of the Catholic University Institute of Buea Rev. Fr. Dr. George Nkeze who motivated the young talent and supported him for his journey to China.

The CUIB Talent went to China, saw, fought hard, conquered and brought back a Medal of Honor from China
“My success as a professional Table Tanis Player wouldn’t have been possible if not for the support and concern I got from the President of CUIB Rev. Fr. Dr George Nkeze and above all the CUIB Sports Academic for their training” Boulmo- Saibaia Yaoussoua Igor told the CUIB Communication team.

                                             Boulmo- Saibaia Yaoussoua

“ I must say coach Bensah Cyril and coach Emile Mbella did a good job for they did not only give me the skills but taught me how to be disciplined as a player and in China the organizers appreciated my life style and awarded me the most disciplined player.” Boulmo- Saibaia Yaoussoua Igor continued.

“I want to thank my parents for sending me to CUIB, a place for Saints and Scholars and I want to thank the entire CUIB family for their support and collaboration. Above all I want to thank God almighty for the gift of life ” Boulmo- Saibaia Yaoussoua Igor concluded

Boulmo- Saibaia Yaoussoua Igor is one among many that have succeeded under the CUIB Sports academy which can now boast of having players at the national basketball team, Junior Lions of the Cameroon National handball team among others.

                                                                        Coach Cyril and Coach Mbella