Quality Education: The Strength of CUIB.

Quality Education: The Strength of CUIB.

Quality Education: The Strength of CUIB.

Quality Education: The Strength of CUIB.

Quality Education: The Strength of CUIB.

Education is an important tool to fight against poverty and to ensure sustainable development in our Nation especially at a time when most nations are updating their educational system to meet up with the 21st century challenges in digitalization.

According to Bill Beattie the aim of education should be to teach us rather to improve our minds so as to enable us to think for ourselves than to load the memory with thoughts of other men. In Franklin D. Roosevelt‘s view, he looked at education as being human’s best tool in developing society above all in shaping the lives of many of which he told Americans that “school is the last expenditure upon which America should be willing to economize” an educational system isn’t worth a great deal if it teaches young people how to make a living but doesn’t teach them how to make a life.

In Martin Luther King’s own view, education without morals is like a ship without a compass mere wondering to nowhere. By this he believes that morals must be an integral part of education so as not to train intelligent thieves.

The view of the Catholic University Institute of Buea is not indifferent from those advocating for quality and holistic education to meet up 21st century challenges. CUIB was created with the mission to prepare professional servant leaders with moral and spiritual Values who will contribute to the sustainable development of their communities.

To contributes to the growth of Cameroon and other nations around the world CUIB trusts that investing and improving its educational system to empower young men and women is of great importance.


The university runs an HND programs at all levels which aims at preparing professional servant leaders with morals and spiritual values who will contribute to sustainable development of their communities.

This will bring hope to students and awaken in them a sense of purpose and direction, so that they may achieve social, economic, spiritual, cultural and environmental well-being in their communities in particular and the nation at large.

According to the Catholic University Institute of Buea, everybody has a potential that needs to be developed hence admission into HND programs require nothing less than  a pass in 2 papers A/Level or its equivalence.

HND students enjoy facilities including free internet services to facilitate their research work, adequate security to ensure their safety on campus, VIP busses to shuttle students from one campus to another among others.

Presently, admission for HND, Bsc, MBA and Msc Programs are ongoing for the 2017/2018 school year.


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