Mobile and Ubiquitous Learning

CUIB is not an Online University. CUIB also understands that the 3 or 4 contact hours of lectures is very limited in training students for the 21st Century. Therefore, it is adopting a Hybrid Ubiquitous Teaching approach – meaning that there will be face to face contact hours and online teaching in all campuses; which include Buea, Douala and Yaoundé.

In order not to miss out on the CUIB Student Experience and Culture, students are encouraged to Sign Up for a study Center either in Buea, Douala or Yaoundé as well as follow up with Student Services Center for Accommodation Facilities. Students are encouraged to Sign Up for these accommodations because of the unique CUIB Culture and Student Experience.

This culture is characterized by our Flagships events, Guest Speakers, President’s Addresses to Students, EoC, Volunteerism, Community Service, collaborative learning between students and Faculty etc.

  1. Is CUIB becoming an Online University?

NO! – CUIB is not becoming an Online Center. We are extending our unique student experience to your Mobile devices in order to have a richer and more fruitful interactions with students and lecturers.

  1. What resources shall be needed for mobile and Ubiquitous Teaching and Learning?

A Smart phone, Laptop and Internet connection. These three are very critical for your educations at this point in time. They are like pen and paper of the old days. We strongly recommend that you make sure they are in good working conditions and capacity. Your smart phone should be able to support applications such as google classroom, office Suite, pdf reader and Camscanner. We recommend a laptop of at least 4GB of RAM for none technology disciplines and 8GB of RAM for technology disciplines. Equally consider having a monthly internet access plan.

  1. How will students be assessed and graded?

CUIB maintains its hands-on educational policy and most of the assessments will be done though portfolio exercises, group work and assignments. Written tests and end-of-semester examinations shall be conducted on-site, even in satellite campuses.

  1. Will there be classes in Satellite campuses?

YES! – In every Satellite Campus, there will be the possibility to have face-to-face contact with lecturers. Our flagship traditions such as Common prayers, Guest Speakers, on-site and off-site catholic studies activities, etc. will equally be carried out at satellite campuses.

  1. Are there any support services for Students?

The University has created an operational task force office for Mobile and Ubiquitous Teaching and Learning. This office is charged with providing assistance to faculty and students in their journey into this new platform. Please do not hesitate to contact elearning.cuib@gmail or should you need further assistance.