Second-Semester Exams in CUIB effectively kick-off in Both Campuses.

Students of the Catholic University Institute of Buea, have begun their second-semester examinations for the 2020/2021 academic year on both campuses. The examinations officially mark the end of the school calendar.

The second-semester examinations started on both campuses yesterday Wednesday 23rd June 2021 at exactly 8:00 am with Entrepreneurship Training and Practice, followed by Catholic Social teachings and other courses.

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At the main campus in Buea, the President, Professor Victor Julius Ngoh, and the Provost Dr. Napoleon Asobo took time and went around the different examination halls to make sure everything was okay for the students to have smooth exams.

The president and his team were happy with the smooth take-off of the second-semester exams in the Buea campus and appreciated the faculty and staff for their efforts in ensuring the smooth process.

He encouraged the invigilators to continue with the spirit of dedication and ensuring that the standards are maintained until the exams come to an end.

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Prof Ngoh, being a proactive president had also instructed the members of the Douala campus to see to it that the examinations commence hitch-free for those in the Douala campus.

A similar exercise was carried out at the Douala campus by the Executive Vice President Dr. Ngangum Eric, the Vice Provost Dr. Felicitats Mokom, and the Campus Director, Dr. Djikeng Fabrice who all went round inspecting the different halls to see that the students were writing effectively.

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The examination will run for a week and after that, the students will go on holidays and internship.