CUIB SIT Students of Buea Campus empowered with IT businesses at New Generation Technologies and Zinger.

“We are in a technological disruptive era and you must learn to adapt and be part of the technological disruption by coming up with programs or software that will help solve modern day challenges like we had with covid-19 where many schools were forced to embrace online learning using different programs developed by IT experts,” was the message that the CUIB Freshman and Sophomore students of the School of Information Technology (SIT) were told during a visit at New Generation Technologies in Buea.

The one day academic visit of the CUIB Freshman and Sophomore students in Buea Campus is in line with the School of IT policy where the students are exposed to the real world experience through direct interactions with the experts on ground to enable the students to relate or connect their classroom knowledge to that which is actually done on the field.

The Academic visit by the School of IT is also aimed at exposing the students to new technological and technical needs in order to enhance her teaching curriculum to meet real industrial needs. This is to blend practical and theory so that they can fully understand some of the concepts which are being explained to them in the classrooms.

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The Buea students were led by Mr. Gilemond Nchiwo, Coordinator of the School of IT in Buea Campus who reminded the students of the academic importance of the visit.

A similar exercise was carried out for the freshman and sophomore students in the Douala Campus under the coordination of the Dean Dr. Felicitas Mokom where the students visited ActiveSpaces.

Mr. Elonge Etta Ekolle – CEO and Founder- New Generation Technologies was happy with the management of CUIB for recognizing their institution as a key player which could help the students gain professional experience and said the doors of New Generation Technologies will forever remain widely open for CUIB students.

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Talking to the students, Mr. Elonge Etta Ekolle emphasized the need for team work and told them that the greatest strength an IT expert has is his or her ability to work in a team and collaborate with others.

He took the students to the different units in his company and explained to them what the company has been doing since its creation and the impact it has in enabling Cameroon meet up with technological advancement by empowering Cameroonians with 21st century IT skills in software development, Computer programing, and cyber security amongst others.

Mr. Nyiwung Valery Colong CEO and Co-founder- Zinger, another company visited by the students, engaged the students in a discussion where they had exchange of ideas on available opportunities and challenges being faced by IT professionals and how they can be overcome.