“Rethinking innovation in a world of opportunity” Edwin Eselem theme as he talked to CUIB Students

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“Rethinking innovation in a world of opportunity” was the theme for the 2021 Guest Speaker event at the CUIB main campus in Molyko-Buea during which the students were enjoined to look at opportunities in every challenges by the keynote speaker Edwin Eselem a Brand and Communications Professional; Public Speaker.

The event in Buea was chaired by the chief academic officer of CUIB Dr. Asobo Napoleon and brought together faculty, staff and students of the entire Buea Campus.

The Keynote Speaker, centered his discussion on “Rethinking innovation in a world of opportunity” and took out time to explain to the students the meaning of innovation within a landscape that is constantly changing.

Cultivate real-time markets

Edwin Eselem said innovation is not about invention, ego, but it is a process by which a domain, products or services is renewed and brought up to a date by applying  new processes, introducing new techniques or establishing successful ideas to create new value. According to Edwin Eselem, the young entrepreneurs must keep aside their ego and understand that full innovation deals with identifying a problem and providing ground-breaking solutions to the problem that will solve existing challenges.

He said rethinking innovation should be a mind-set, the students should be committed to growth by looking for new solutions in solving old problems and should see excellence as a passion which will make them develop their true potential.

Edwin Eselem reminded the students that when in difficulties, they should follow a leader they look up to, practice things that make them comfortable and build strong relationships which will help them overcome their challenges.

The event ended with questions and answers upon which the students were very satisfied with the manner in which the guest speaker presented his facts.