CUIB: The New Student Government President Elect!

Victory is celebrated by the Progress Alliance party after carrying the day as winners of the student government presidential elections with 195 votes while the Economy of Communion Party followed closely with 171 votes and the Saints and Scholars party registered 98 votes making a total of 464 votes at the STUGA elections this academic year..

Headed by Ngwet Umrene, senior year student of the School of Engineering, the votes registered is a symbol of conviction by the CUIB student population that he is the competent candidate to represent the Voice of the students for the current school year.

Welcoming the honor of triumph after hard work, the STUGA president elect presented his plans for the academic year which can be captioned “inclusive leadership”. Not only did the president promise students and management of teamwork in his governance but also made them understand that without students, his vision will not be achieved.

Present at the event, Rev. Father George Nkeze, President of CUIB while shaking hands with the victor and the other party leaders, appreciated them for working together irrespective of their differences in party politics. President George noted that change is a process which the ruling government must adopt and because CUIB students disagree to agree, CUIB he says will remain the light of Cameroon.

During the proclamation ceremony, the first and second runner ups congratulated the Progress Alliance party on their success and promised collaborating with the STUGA president for better achievement of expected results.

It is worth noting that the runner ups will constitute the senate and the council bodies respectively as part of the student government association leadership.

Mandated to run for one academic year, much is expected from the STUGA leadership  as they will not only strive for students rights to be accorded and voices heard  but they will have  to journey with the students in this trying times when the Anglophone crisis in Cameroon seems to be the leading concern.

The Student Government Association STUGA will have as immediate task to ensure the smooth participation of students at the forthcoming freshmen and sophomore convocation ceremony scheduled to run in the Buea campus on Wednesday December 12th and in Douala on Saturday December 15th 2018 beginning with Holy mass at