CUIB 11th Council Meeting 2017/2018.

“CUIB has shown that even in difficulties we can continue to do what we have to do to keep our universities running and this is evident in that, despite the ongoing challenges affecting educational institutions CUIB kept on going and this is a good lesson for other universities to learn from I must say CUIB is a model to many institutions”  Professor  Monebenim Francisca inspector of Academic Affairs number one at the Cameroon Ministry of Higher education told the press during the 11th council meeting of the Catholic University Institute of Buea that took place at the Bishop’s resident on 9 May 2018.
The council meeting had as chair His Lordship Immanuel Bushu Chancellor of CUIB, accompanied by the president of CUIB Rev. Fr. George Nkeze and brought together stockholders of CUIB.
The council meeting is a forum were CUIB updates its stakeholders on the state of affairs in the institution and how the institution has been able to overcome some of its major challenges for each academic year.
Welcoming the council members, the Chancellor of CUIB His Lordship Immanuel Bushu began by congratulating the management of CUIB for their strong efforts in ensuring the smooth running of the institution despite numerous challenges affecting schools within the region.

His Lordship Immanuel Bushu equally enjoined the faculty and staff to always do their best in promoting the mission and vision of the institution which is a citadel of learning in Cameroon as far as entrepreneurship is concerned through quality education.
He equally pointed out to the members that CUIB was created to bring holistic education to the lives of Cameroonians and to train Cameroonians that will contribute to the growth and sustainable development of the nation.

To the president of CUIB Rev Fr. George Nkeze the 11th Council Meeting was to give an overview of the socio-political crisis affecting schools and universities in the English Speaking regions of Cameroon and its impact on CUIB, to present an overview strategy which CUIB Adopted during the crisis and above all the way forward which CUIB has put in place to ensure the effective running of CUIB despite the ongoing crisis.
Rev Fr. George Nkeze told the council members that the ongoing Anglophone crisis has shown that we need to restructure our educational system especially with the rapid changes in the educational landscape worldwide.
Hence, CUIB is undergoing “Ground zero restructuring”, to meet up with existing challenges plaguing the educational system of Cameroon and the world especially in meeting up with the constant changes of the educational landscape in the world.

Rev Fr. George Nkeze equally pointed out that for CUIB to survive in a world that is fast changing we have to restructure our courses and programs hence, CUIB will start associate degrees and short programs that will run from one week, three-months, six-months, nine-months, two- years.

At the level of associate degree, the representative of the Minister of Higher Education Professor Monebenim Francisca inspector number one at the Ministry stated that “associate degree is something new and like I said it is a challenge we have to think about and put it in practice because it is new and good to go like in America people go to school and work so this is something very good that we have to embrace”. Prof. Monebenim Francisca told the press