Did you know that papers can be produce from Banana stem?

Abang Napoleon Njang CUIB Alumni from the department of Chemical Engineering at the Catholic University Institute of Buea has discovered how to make papers from Banana stem in a project he captioned BAONA “PRODUCTION OF PAPER FROM BANANA STEM”.
During his training at  CUIB, Abang came to realize that banana is a cellulosic plant and can be used for paper production due to the  presences of fibers within it stems.

During his internship at Cameroon’s Development Corporation CDC, Abang realized that over 7404 stems of banana are being left behind as waste after harvest.
This propelled him to think of better ways to make these wasted stems useful

From his research, he came out with the findings that banana stems are good product to make papers and he went ahead and tried some samples which he succeeded.

Abang Napoleon Njang took his BAONA project to Douala for the Business Plan Challenge, a competition which brings together over 100 competitors and was knocked out at the semi-finals in December 2017.

The young Entrepreneur is looking for investors.