Ash Wednesday and Lent Commemoration at CUIB

Ash Wednesday and Lent Commemoration at CUIB

Ash Wednesday and Lent Commemoration at CUIB

The Catholic University Institute of Buea together with the CUIB Elementary Entrepreneurial Academy recently joined other Christians last week Wednesday to observe Ash Wednesday.

The mass that took place at the EOC Village brought together staff, students, pupils, faculty, and some Christians of the Corpus Christi Parish; who all came to worship God and to ask for Gods divine intervention in their lives above all to renew their vow with God almighty within this period of Lent.

Celebrating the mass, Rev. Fr. Clifford, began by highlighting the important of Ash Wednesday to the lives of Christians and the role of Ash Wednesday in the light of the church.

He told the university community and the Christians that the Ash that is being administered to the forehead of Christians during mass on Ash Wednesday is a symbol of penance that is, an act of repentance and acknowledgment of the power and the presence of God.

During the mass, Rev. Fr. Clifford voiced to the Christians and the University Community that the Ash given to them came from the palms that were blessed on last year palm Sunday.

Rev. Fr. Clifford equally stressed on the fact that the Ash that is being applied on our forehead equally helps induce the spirit of humility and sacrifice. Christian has to be humble and able to sacrifice for the love of God almighty the creator of the entire universe he added.

The take home message that was given to the Christians was that in this period of Lent they should fast and pray to God for forgiveness, divine direction, and spirit of sacrifice just to name but these.

He also enjoined the University Community and the Christians to use this month of lent to reflect on their lives the kingdom of God. For God is love and always ready to forgive us if we acknowledge and confess our sins.