CUIB Entrepreneurial Elementary Academy (A & T) Christmas party December 2017

Pupils from CUIB A & T have been reminded to be obedient and respect their parents and above all to show love to one another during this festive period.
The reminder was made by the Head Teacher of the institution Madam Akwa Nchitu Priscilla during the end of term closing and Christmas party that took place at CUIB A &T Campus in Molyko.
The event started with a thanksgiving Mass celebrated by Rev. Fr. Leke Charles accompanied by Rev. Fr George Nkeze President of CUIB and Rev. Fr. Clifford campus Minister.
During the Mass Rev. Fr. Leke Charles told the pupils that they should be truthful to their parents and avoid telling lies to their friends and love ones for God knows the heart of every one and will bless them if they keep his commandment. He equally pointed out to the pupils that they should take their book work seriously for it is the only way they can guarantee their future.
Part two of the program witnessed the lightening of the Christmas tree to signal the presence of Christmas at CUIB A & T. The lightening was done by the Vice President of Academic Affairs Dr. Hako Touko  in collaboration with the Vice President of Parental Engagement and Students Service Center Mme. Aghamba Fabiola, and the Vice President of Communication and PRO Mme. Fomucha Mirabelle.
The event had other activities like Debate, Fashion Parade, Traditional dance, Drama, Rhymes, exhibition just to name but these. During these activities the pupils had the chance to demonstrate their talents to their parents.
The event ended up with the handing of end of term report card the pupils.