CUIB First Colloquium 2017/2018 School Year

The first edition of CUIB Colloquium for 2017/2018 academic year that took place at the EOC village on Wednesday 22nd  November 2017 had as Guest Speaker Mr. Perrin Kwenkeu deputy CEO at ILM INSTITUTUE Sarl.

The Colloquium brought together staff, faculty and students of CUIB. Speaking to the university family Mr. Perrin Kwenkeu’s discourse was based on “Find your path in the midst of challenges, 7 steps to success as a leader and Entrepreneur”. He began by congratulating the students for their choice and decision to go to school despite the ongoing Anglophone crisis that is rocking the North West and South West Regions of Cameroon.

He then proceeded by telling the students ways in which they can find their path in the midst of challenges in other to succeed as leaders and Entrepreneurs in which he highlighted some key points  that if the students implement, it will go a long way to improve on their career. Some of the points highlighted include:

Dreams: he told the students that they should be focused and dream big because it is only through a dream that they can have brilliant ideas. He reiterated to the students that there is no great leader or entrepreneur who did not dream.

Take Action: the students were told that for a dream to materialize the dreamer must take action and that no matter how good a plan may be, it will not be realized if it doesn’t involve action taking. Mr. Perrin Kwenkeu stressed on the fact that students should not be discouraged about their environment but rather they should go beyond their problems by taking action.
Team Work: being an entrepreneur or a leader, team work he said is one of the best strategies that make a good entrepreneur and through team work, success is guaranteed. He encouraged the students to be united and learn to work with one another.

Enjoy what you are doing: the Guest speaker reminded students that they should always enjoy what they are doing. It is only when they enjoy what they are doing that they can have the will and courage to move on with their plans in difficult times. “Difficult times can make you abandon your good plans and vision but if you enjoy what you do, you will overcome the challenges and succeed in difficult times”, Mr. Perrin Kwenkeu highlighted.

He concluded that the students should always put God first in anything they do so as to succeed.
During the event the Vice President of CUIB CEI Eyong Eyong Thaddeus appreciated the guest speaker for his brilliant presentation to the students and on behalf of the university presented a gift to the guest speaker as a sign of communion.