CUIB Elementary Entrepreneurial Academy

The Academy of Talents


CUIB A&T holds dear to its values of promoting quality education and entrepreneurship spirit for a sustainable development. This explains why the following scholarship opportunities have been put in place to address our values: 1. Academic Excellence 2. Less Privileged Scholarship 3. Community Scholarship 4. Welfare Scholarships (Feeding & Transportation
Parents wishing to enroll their children into CUIB Elementary Entrepreneurial Academy should endeavour to strictly following the admission criteria before child’s documents will be processed for admission (This applies to Non Stakeholders ONLY). Upon submission of a child’s recommendation form, the administrator will study the pupil’s file and revert to parent in 3 business day. After 3 business day, the parent can proceed with pupil’s registration by depositing a Registration of 5,000FCFA.
Fee/Tuition shall be paid in two installments as indicated in the finance structure above. All fees shall be paid in the School’s bank account as found on the Pupil’s registration form. After bank deposit, parents are advised to bring their bank receipt(s) to the Finance office for necessary requirements to be made available.
All pupils from Nursery One – Class Six will be supplied with core text and work books required for studies in school. These books are included in the School fees. Exercise books and other facilities for pupil’s studies shall be made available in school for sale.


What makes us unique

Your convinience

Fosters Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematic (STEM) education, and Entrepreneurship


Builds young innovators who will become entrepreneurs

Job Market

Prepare pupils for National and International Standards of education

Afro American University

Bring out talents in children and Promotes bilingualism in all pupils.

CUIB Elementary Entrepreneurial Academy: Developing Talents and Skills

CUIB Elementary Entrepreneurial Academy: Developing Talents and Skills

CUIB Elementary Entrepreneurial Academy recently had its first sports classes with 7 professional coaches from the CUIB Sports Academy. Their…

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CUIB Elementary Entrepreneurial Academy:Discipline is Our Priority

CUIB Elementary Entrepreneurial Academy:Discipline is Our Priority

[caption id="attachment_3590" align="aligncenter" width="560"] Pupils of Elementary Entrepreneurial Academy[/caption] One week after the effective resumption of the 2017/2018 school year…

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Quality Education: The Strength of CUIB.

Quality Education: The Strength of CUIB.

Education is an important tool to fight against poverty and to ensure sustainable development in our Nation especially at a…

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