Dress code/uniform

A uniformed dress code as appropriately desired is just one of the many ways in which children uniquely display who they are. CUIB Elementary Entrepreneurial Academy encourages and requires that every child/pupil appears in a uniform outfit that promotes integrity and self-respect which will contribute to a high academic performance and acceptable social behaviour.

Samples of pupil’s uniforms as required on pupil’s brochure will be made available in school. This is to promote uniformity in our pupils and avoid difference in designs and taste.

CUIB Elementary Entrepreneurial Academy uniformed Dress code portrays dignity in every pupil which brings them out as professionals and prepares them for a future of Excellence. It holds dearly our Values, Believes and Identify.

No pupil will be allowed entrance on campus without the desired dress code.


  1. Our School Uniforms:
 SN Dress Code/Uniform Days to be worn Description
1 Professional Wear Monday & Tuesday ·     White over Pink (Gown for Girls)

·     White with Pink Designed Shirts, over a pair of  black Trousers for Boys

2 Cooperate Wear Wednesday A Cooperate T-Shirt (Maroon)
3 Casual Wear Thursday Assorted but decent outfits
4 Sports Wear Friday Royal Blue
5 Pullovers Every Day


  1. Our School Colours:

The following are colours of CUIB Elementary Entrepreneurial Academy (CUIB A&T):

  1. Pink   White         3.  Black          4.  Maroon                   5.  Royal Blue


  • Pupils will not be allowed in school without the appropriate School colours and/or designs as required.
  • Parents are advised to purchase their children’s items and materials for studies at the Pupil’s Service Center in School
  • Casual Days and wears: As part of our dress code, CUIB A&T leaves out one of the days in the week (Thursday) for Pupils to put on casual outfits. Outfits on Thursdays should be assorted and decent.
  1. Pupil’s Identification Card: Identification Cards shall be made available to all pupils from Class One to Primary Six. Parents are advised to ensure that Kids always have their School ID Card placed on their chest pocket. Pupil’s Identification Card will be produced at the beginning of each year.

Parents should immediately indicate at the Head teacher’s office in case a child’s ID card is missing or mishandled so a new card should be produced. If ID card gets missing after a second production, parents will be expected to pay the sum of 1,000FCFA for a new ID card.