Welcome to SENG

The School of Engineering (SENG) was created as one of the four Schools that took off upon the creation of CUIB in May 2010 and specializes in educating and training students to become proficient engineers in the following areas: Chemical Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Civil and Environmental Engineering.
B.Sc. in Engineering in SENG is a four-year program based on three main arms: Academic, Entrepreneurship and Spiritual whose curriculum is continuously evolving and improving in response to feedback from our alumni and their employers and program assessment results. Our programs offer the possibility to continue to a post graduate degree. The objectives of SENG are to;

  • Produce graduates who will demonstrate and establish an edge in technical competence and achieve professional recognition in their workplaces.
  • Train students who will utilize their skills and resourcefulness to invent, design and realize cost-effective technology to meet local needs; and eventually provide innovative solutions to engineering problems.