The College of Business (CT) is a holistic college which offers Higher National Diploma (HND) in five specialized academic disciplines: Civil &Structural Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Agro-Pastoral Advisers.

Higher National Diploma Programs of the College of Technology is a Two-year Diploma Programme offered by the College, which prepares students for the National (HND) Examinations with emphasis on training Professional Servant leaders with Moral and Spiritual Values with exceptional skills to contribute to the Sustainable development of their communities.

There are several reasons why a student should choose the College of Technology to pursue their career dreams which includes:  two – years intense entrepreneurial mindset formation that complements  the ministerial designed professional curriculum which allows students at the initial stage to build a solid foundation for their different career options in engineering, technology and agriculture; give students a holistic education to form them as professional servant leaders as it incorporates catholic studies courses; fosters a culture of creativity and innovation through teamwork, industrial placements and collaboration which builds on experiential learning.

Upon completion of their two years Higher National Diploma Programs, the students are opened to a wide opportunity to further their education as the university has put in place the platform to enable College of Technology students to transition to the four – years Bachelor of Science Degree Programmes of the School of Technology.