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Money can be paid into one of the various banks listed below to which the University has a working relationship with:
a. Ecobank
b. NFC Bank
c. Express Exchange

Yes payment can be made through international bank transfers to our

ECOBANK account, using the following information; IBAN CODE: CM2110029260153109000487662

SWIFT CODE: ECOCCMCX Internal Current Account: 31090004876

After every payments made into the University account, the student are required:
1. Photocopy their payment receipts.
2. Present the originals of their payment receipts together with the photocopy at the finance office for Clearance.

The University accepts the following methods of payment:
1. Cash payment into the University bank account with any of our partner banks
2. Bank transfers into the official CUIB bank account.

The University has NO responsibility for money that has been erroneously paid into the wrong bank account.

No cash payments are accepted at the University finance office. All Payments whatsoever must be paid into CUIB official bank account

FRESHMAN = 850,000 FRS
JUNIOR = 800,000 FRS
SENIOR = 800,000 FRS

Contact the office of finance through

Yes, a parent can take an engagement to pay fees in instalments. Contact the office of finance through

Transcript Fee is 5,000 FRS per copy


Catholic University
Institute of Buea

563 Buea
South West Region
Landline: +237 233322829


Admission into CUIB is open to all those seeking knowledge irrespective of nationality, religion, color, sex, race and language.
Admission guidelines, policies and regulations are established by the Academic Board(Senate) of the University.

Applicants can obtain admission online, onsite or download forms from the Website and post to the University Office of Admissions and Enrollment Management.

Application Forms are made available at CUIB Office of Admission and Enrollment Management.

The Office of admission and Enrollment Management uses an individualized, holistic review process to consider each completed application taking into account such factors as demonstrated academic performance, career or vocational goals, relevant experience, language competence and potential success in the program. However, applications from students who are not eligible for direct admission because they failed to fulfill all the conditions prescribed by the Academic Board of the University are reviewed to determine admissibility and to make decisions by the Office of the Provost.

Admission decisions are made on the basis of the information submitted as part of the student’s application. Applicants who believe that supplemental items will help convey information about their qualifications are encouraged to submit such items with their applications. Supplemental items often included with applications are expanded resumes of accomplishments and extracurricular activities, passion, skills, mindset and letters addressing applicant’s special circumstances.

Mission & Vision
Our Mission To prepare professional servant leaders with moral and spiritual values who will contribute to the sustainable development of their communities.
Scholarship Opportunities
CUIB is committed to changing lives, by making University education accessible to everyone who desires to have one