Summary Presentation

Catholic University Institute of Buea (CUIB) was founded with the mission to prepare Professional Servant Leaders with Moral and Spiritual values who will contribute to the sustainable development of their communities” – trained as Job Creators NOT Job Seekers!

In order to keep the difference and sustain that goal and in doing so, its founders dreamt and crafted out of the ordinary, high standards and norms that have to be maintained.  Apart from standing tall in academic excellence and entrepreneurial prowess, CUIB would need to safeguard and maintain its functional operations so that its competitive advantage as a leading Entrepreneurial University in Cameroon.It is in this light that, the President and Pro-Chancellor of CUIB – Rev. Fr.

George Nkeze Jingwa (Ed.D) has insisted on the need for a QA Team at CUIB.  The team takes the liberty to add Enhancement to the terminology – to read Quality Assurance and Enhancement (QAE).  QAE will hitherto become a tool to guard against any form of depleting functional standards and therefore, imperatively an Institutional-wide system of practices and procedures to assure that CUIB’s operations satisfy our various stakeholders in perpetuity.

Quality Assurance and Enhancement in this case would include:-

  • Quality Control (QC) – This means doing the job right the first time through designing tools and machinery well in the first place, training workers better and encouraging workers to take pride and mastery in their work.


  • Statistical Process Control (SPC) – This means the process of creating and maintaining records monitored through the use of control charts so that management can see whether administrative, managerial and teaching functions are proceeding as planned or whether the quality of performance is backsliding.


This would demand management’s complete cooperation. Responsibility for quality cannot be relegated to the lower bracket of workers while management pushes them to perform better and faster.  With cooperation, high quality and high performance are both possible, and the payoffs are worth the effort.The thrust of QAE in any organization is about – “The earlier we can detect and prevent a defect, the more we can save”.