Rational for CEI

The 21st century ushered the world into a global village with movements towards an unprecedented free exchange of people, ideas and goods. Alongside the advantages of these changes came the challenges of world economic variations, increase in unemployment rate and widening of poverty gap, new generation of crime and international economic issues.

Against this background, entrepreneurship and Innovation emerges as one of the decisive solutions to the challenges the world is currently facing. It is the general conviction of the chancellor, President, members of the Board of Trustees and CEI team that, if the subject of entrepreneurship is properly articulated to benefit all segments of the population without bias in the most compassionate manner the world would undeniably be a better place for everyone and some of the global challenges cited above would indeed be minimized.

Though Cameroon as a nation possesses a lot of inherent potentials, the capacities and aptitudes of its actors need to be guided so as to scale up its entrepreneurial ecosystem. There is a need to provide young aspirants with the right mindset to challenge this ecosystem with new ways of thinking, creating and doing business. These are some of the daring tasks CEI is positioned to lead other stakeholders within the ECCAS region and beyond.

CEI therefore attempts to explore amongst others the application of quantitative analysis to understanding various issues in improving decision-making, enterprise development and risk management, leadership, management of talents, resource construction, Innovation, creativity, idea generation and SME Development, employability skills and Graduate startups.

The Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (CEI) is the University’s resolve for a program to satisfy the growing desire of students to acquire skills and additional theoretical knowledge to manage idea generation, Innovation, technology transformation, entrepreneurial startup and business management. It is the university’s desire to reach out also to budding entrepreneurs in the community with empirical and practical approaches to entrepreneurship, job and wealth creation through contemporary techniques.