QA General Overview

The Quality Assurance and Enhancement (QAE) department is responsible for developing, managing and supporting policies and procedures for maintaining academic and administrative standards and ensuring the quality of learning opportunities across Catholic University Institute of Buea (CUIB).

The team shall work across all the Schools and Colleges of CUIB as well as intervene to ensure the effective and efficient service delivery in the various support divisions of the university.

Working closely with the President and Pro-Chancellor of CUIB, the office of the Provost and that of Mentorship, Exams and Records, the Quality Assurance and Enhancement team shall be responsible for:-

  • Assisting the development and implementation of the University’s Learning, Teaching and Assessment Strategy
  • Assisting in providing professional development opportunities and guidance for faculty to support learning, teaching and assessment across the University and its partner institutions.
  • Assisting in managing course approval, modification and review processes, working in collaboration with Office of Provost and that of Mentorship, Exams & Records team within the institution.
  • Overseeing quality monitoring and enhancement processes, including risk-based monitoring and enhancement (RiME) processes.
  • Working with the Office of Finance & Business Operation and Office of Business Committee to approve, monitor and review partnership and business activities.
  • Supporting Team Engagement with Professional, Statutory and Regulatory Bodies (PSRBs)
  • Supporting student representation and feedback mechanisms, in collaboration with the STUGA Office;
  • Identifying and disseminating best practices and promoting quality enhancement across the University and its partner institutions
  • Coordinating preparations for external quality review, including engagements with the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF)