Programs at SIT

The School of Information Technology (SIT) offers 4-year Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) degree programs and 2-year Associate of Science (A.Sc) degree programs. The courses are designed to provide effective and regular contact hours between the students and the facilitators. The latter are seasoned lecturers of repute and/or active professionals who have studied and/or worked in many parts of the world. The students are hereby exposed to a wide variety of socio-cultural, technological and academic backgrounds, necessary for the growing Information Technologist.

The A.Sc. programs align with the BSc. programs facilitating the transition of students from the two-year to the four-year degree for those who wish to continue their studies. The programs also allow SIT to emphasize further on entrepreneurial skills, creating more practice-based courses for the two-year duration facilitating graduands entry into the corporate world. Essentially, many students get an opportunity to embark on their career of choice in a shorter time-frame with the option of transitioning into further studies still within reach.