Policies & Procedures


The Provost/ Executive Vice-President is the Chief Academic Officer of the University with administrative authority under the President. He oversees the functioning of the Schools/ Colleges. He is responsible for the formulation and implementation of system-wide academic affairs policies which relate to Faculty Hiring, Retention, Tenure, Promotion and Development. He is charged with oversight of University’s Academic Programmes as well as Curriculum Development, Faculty Evaluation and Supervision, Programme Assessment and University Accreditation. The Secretariat of the Office of the Provost / Executive Vice-President is composed of the Executive Assistant, Senior Administrative Assistant and an Administrative Assistant. The Office is responsible for the Admission of Students, Issuing of Students’ Transcripts, Supervision of the Activities of the Deans / Academic Director of all the Schools/ College within the University, Students’ Academic Affairs, Office of Exams and Records and the Library. The Office also follows up Payment of Fees by Students and ensures the monthly payment of Adjunct Faculty Members.


Managing of the Process in relation to the University’s annual Faculty promotions.

Chairing of the Academic Board of the University.

Providing the Administrative support for reviews of members of Faculty in the University.

Fostering understanding, consultation, cohesion and improvement in relation to University Policies, Procedures, Operations and Strategic Initiatives, across the Academic Community and the Central Administration and Management.

Providing Support to Faculty in relation to the effective management of reform processes.

Providing policy support to the Director of Human Resources in matters relating to the recruitment and hiring of faculty, ensuring such matters referred to the Office for approval are in order.


To Train and Empower all CUIB Faculty Members and Students for the professional entrepreneurial world of excellence and success.


Promotes a world-class Professional and Entrepreneurial Training of Students which is characterized by Innovation, Excellence, Ethics, Service, and Leadership while strategically leveraging key programs.

Create a University environment that supports and promotes diversity in all its forms, preparing students for a diverse and interdependent world.

Promotes national and international recognition of CUIB by continuously maintaining the Standards of the Academic Programmes, qualified and committed Faculty.

Assess and enhance students’ learning and success in their Academic Endeavours.

Develop an integrated Academic and Enrolment Strategy in collaboration with the Admissions Office.


The Office of the Provost /Executive Vice-President and its attached Units (Office of Academic Affairs and the Library) in an attempt to foster the University’s Vision, Mission and the President’s Visionary Goals, have put in place the relevant Policies and Procedures. In this regard all Units, Faculty, Staff, Students, Parents, Guardians, Sponsors, Visitors and other Stakeholders who, in one reason or the other, need the services of these Units are expected to strictly adhere and comply with these Policies and Procedures. The Policies and Procedures of the Office of the Provost/ Executive Vice-President, which covers The Office of Academic Affairs and the Library are elaborated to guide and govern the day-to-day administration / operations of the Offices, with a view to improving communication, promoting administrative consistency and efficiency, and ensuring compliance with the General Regulations and Rules governing the Management of CUIB

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