Office of the Dean

At SANR CUIB, this is what we stand for. We train competitive Agripreneurs with moral and spiritual values. We offer an integrated programme which cuts across Agronomy, Animal production, Food science and technology and Agribusiness and Extension. SANR CUIB has a competent and dynamic team working together to plan, produce and put science into use for food security, poverty alleviation and a healthy environment. The Center for Agriculture and Rural Development (CARD) is the School arm designed to put science and innovation into use by farmers and the community. Are you a Parent, a potential student, a donor, an agricultural related Organization, Do you want to be part of this programme and mission, Join us at SANR-CUIB to achieve excellence and promote a better world?

You are welcome!

Hako Touko Blaise A, PhD
Lecturer, Animal Breeding and Genetics