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Mr Ombele Marlon


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Catholic University
Institute of Buea

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Landline: +237 233322829

VIP Buses
As part of our activities, the transport division transport students from campus a and campus B daily to enable them
St. Martha Faculty, Staff and Students Club is a non-profit oriented unit of the University, that deals with meeting the University’s needs
Sports Academy
Sports activities are as important as classes and libraries, the rationale to why it is one of the fundamental aspects in the training of CUIB students.

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“As a student from the School of Information Technology, I can with all confidence be proud to say that the School of Information Technology offers the best of teaching, working and studying facilities.
Ndoh Francis
Senior Year student
Information Technology has become the arrow head of all domains in this world .It cuts across finance, military, health, astronomy and even spiritualityIn this school we benefit a lot.
Ebot Fabien Mbi.
Freshman student
Ojong Orock Joan
Marketing Level 1
Being a student in CUIB studying HND Marketing is amazing.But when I attended the Entrepreneurial classes and workshops, I was arrested by the Entrepreneurial spirit and I decided to create my own business
Herodia Nwah
B-TECH Accountancy
The Catholic University of Buea is characterized by excellence as a Culture, education for Eternity, Entrepreneurship, Economy of Communion and Eucharistic Community