Internship at SENG

The students of the School of Engineering are exposed to a rich professional experience and tacit knowledge (experiential learning) through three series of two Internships and Work Experience broken down as:
Internship I       4 weeks (one month)
During this internship students are expected exposure to  firms and industries in both the manufacturing and processing sectors to gain understanding on it’s structure, operations, management and design.
Internship II       8 weeks (two months)
This internship is aimed at exposing students to the basics of operation and manufacturing or process designs of firms. At this level students start building their skills in the different areas of specialty such as Chemical, Mechanical, Electrical as well as Civil and Environmental Engineering. In addition they learn to appreciate process and manufacturing designs, unit operations and process layout. Furthermore they  start gaining insights about the strength of materials and the use of materials in process, product and manufacturing designs.
Work Experience     12 weeks (3 months)
The Work Experience is aimed at polishing students’ capabilities in analysing process and manufacturing designs, faulting these designs with the objective of optimisation, redesign, simulation and maintenance. In addition they can start building their own designs based on the understanding and knowledge of material strength and the processes which they are interested in designing. Hence, students can critically assess the Quality Control and Assurance standards such as: Good Manufacturing Practice (GMPs), GHPs, Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) and HASSAM as well as the International Stardards (ISO 14000, ISO 21000 and ISO 22,000)