Impact of CDS

Since its creation in 2014 with its first
Center For Digital Services, CDS has been very steadfast in its mission,
which has been “
To create a paperless
”. In this vein, we have been very preoccupied with building web
applications, and designing information systems which permit the reduction of
paper usage on campus.

This has happened with the full implementation
and usage of the Online Course Registration (OCR) Portal, by all the schools of
the university. This portal goes a long way to enable online application for
prospective students, online registration of courses by enrolled students, and
most importantly provides an entire online classroom management system for

The entire financial process has equally been
computerized seamlessly, with the student/faculty management system (OCR).

The changing educational landscape, plagued by
the socio-political crisis has made our unit very critical, and always solution
searching. In effect other regular operations such as cash requisitions,
expense reporting as well as human resource operations have been automated by
CDS to ease transaction costs.

CDS is also fostering the drive to our ubiquitous
campus by managing a customized Learning Management System that unites Learners
and Teachers from all over the globe to acquire and give out knowledge respectively.

CDS has also implemented cloud computing
strategies for archiving and data management.

We are currently developing and fine-tuning a
system to track employee attendance in Buea Campus, with a view of extending
this facility to Douala Campus.