CDS Policies & Procedures

  1. Making  Requests

Staff/Faculty: A request for a service from CDS should be channeled to the Director through our official email address  with details of the request.

Students: Students should make their requests through the official email or submit an online request using the Request Service menu on their Online Course Registrar (OCR) platform.

Third Parties: All ICT proposals from other companies or individuals should be channeled in writing to the office of the President.

  1. Treating Requests

Normal requests to CDS office are treated within 3working days from the time of the request.

Urgent requests are handled almost immediately or within 24hours, depending on the scope.

NB: It would be at the discretion of the Director of CDS or by the approval of CUIB’s hierarchy to treat a request as urgent

  1. Creating Email Accounts

CDS offers email services to faculty staff and duly registered students of CUIB. Email access at CUIB is controlled through individual accounts and passwords. Prior to receiving an email access account and password, each user of CUIB email system is required to read and agree to the Email Acceptable Use Policy. It is the responsibility of the users to protect the confidentiality of their account and password information.

  1. Email Account Termination

Email access will be terminated when an employee or third party terminates their contract or association with CUIB or proceeds on long term absence such as suspension, study leave or extended leave. This is done on the recommendation of the Human Resource Office to CDS.

For students, their email access will be terminated three (3) months after graduating.

CDS is under no obligation to forward or retrieve contents of an email for a user who has been terminated.


CDS provides and manages network resources for all staff, faculty and registered students. These include internet, intranet as well as telephony services for offices. It is the responsibility of the user to secure and adhere to the appropriate use of these resources.

  • All faculty, staff and students must protect the computer and network infrastructure of the University
  • Any unauthorized access to resources or misuse of shared resources is prohibited and punishable by the University’s rules and regulations
  • Browsing of profane contents on the University’s internet is prohibited and punishable by the University’s rules and regulations
  1. Faculty/Staff
  2. Faculty/Staff are opened to both wired and wireless network of CUIB, supported by CDS.
  3. Faculty/Staff requiring their Hotspot accounts to be created need to provide CDS office with their personal information; usually name, email, phone number and address.
  4. Faculty/Staff are not allowed to reinstall any computer in the network or install any software without the permission of the network administrator.
  5. Faculty/Staff must use the internet productively, not for private use.
  6. Faculty/Staff must report to the Network Administrator on any issues noticed while using their PCs or accessing resources on the network e.g. no internet connectivity, slow performance of machines, unusual pop ups..etc
  • Duly registered and active students will be issued a hotspot internet account to enable them access the internet network in their respective campuses. An active student is one who has fulfilled his/her financial conditions of fee payment as prescribed by the Office of Finance.
  • Each student account is allocated 10GB of data renewable every three (3) months to access the network.
  • Students can login to their hotspot accounts using their credentials for the OCR platform.
  • The hotspot network would be shut down every school day during the EoC hour.
  • Students are allowed to use the IT Laboratory only when there is NO class going on in the lab or when brought in by a lecturer for a class.
  • Students are NOT allowed to use their laptops in the IT lab, unless authorized by the Network Administrator or a lecturer for learning purpose.
  • Internet provided to students is for academic purposes therefore should NOT be used for non-academic purposes
  • Any difficulty encountered in using a student account, should be reported to the network administrator or students should make a request on OCR using the Request Service menu.