The College is as an academic organ directly responsible for ensuring high academic standard of experiential teaching and research. It has a well developed curricula tailored to align to the demands of the ever evolving business environment and corporate needs. Following the “Hands On” policy of CUIB, the College of Business is divided into three arms:

  • The theoretical/teaching arm, headed by a Dean who coordinates the programmes.
  • The practical arm which exists under the framework of the Centre for Entrepreneurship, Research and Innovation (CERI) of CUIB.
  • The moral and spiritual arm which is under the School of Catholic Studies.

The College of Business also has partnerships with various companies to blend their academic competence with hands on experiences.

Common objectives

The college of Business has certain objectives:

Servant Leadership
Graduates will be effectively embedded with sound moral and spiritual values which are directed towards creating professional servant leaders to render selfless services to Humanity.

Entrepreneurial Mindset

Graduates will be able in the course of establishing and or managing their business understand that they belong to a community and as a result be able to give back to their  communities as a sense of service to their communities.

Analytical objective

Graduates will be able to analyze situations and successfully determine cause and effect.

Communication objective

Graduates will be able to effectively communicate their ideas in both written and oral form understanding that communication is a cooperative process.

Presentation objective

Graduates will be able to format and present information of various kinds and deliver that information in a manner most appropriate to the message and the audience.

Innovation Objective

Graduates will have to identify problems and societal limitations and seek meaningful ways of solving them as entrepreneurs.

Lifelong learning objective

Graduates will recognize that lifelong learning is essential to the ongoing process of professional and personal development as always expressed through the method of teaching described by the president as the “Divine Dance”.