BSc in Agriculture and Agripreneurship

SANR-CUIB offers a general and integrated programme in Agriculture crowned by a Baschelor of Science in Agriculture and Agripreneurship. The duration of the programme is four years including Freshmen (year one), Sophomore (year two), Junior (year three and Senior (year four).

A total of 178 core credit courses are required for graduation cutting across Agronomy and crop production, Animal Science and production, Food Science and Agribusiness and Extension. During their training, Students in SANR do not only acquire skills through theory but a high level blend with laboratory practicals, hands on application, through work placements in industries, farm practice, field visits, individual student projects and a strong emphasis on their spiritual and moral well-being.

Internships and Industrial placements are facilitated via MOUs with Renowned industries and National Research Centers among which, IRAD-Cameroon (Institut de la Recherche Agricole pour le Development), and CDC (Cameroon Development Corporation) to named a few. At the end of the fourth year, each student defends and submits a report from a Senior year project on a research topic in a particular field of interest including one of the following domain; Agronomy, Animal production, Food science and Agribusiness and extension.

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