Associate Degree SANR

Associate of Science in Agriculture

SANR-CUIB offers an Associate of Science degree in Integrated Agriculture and Food Systems. The duration of the programme is two years including Freshmen (year one) and Sophomore (year two). It is a two year full-time degree requiring the successful completion of a minimum of 120 credits.

This program combines education in the fundamentals of crop, foods, soil, livestock and business management.  It is therefore focused on the integration of crop and livestock production principles that will create sustainable and organic farming and food systems.  This is achieved through lectures, laboratory courses, field trips, work experience and internships in our university or partner organizations or structures within the community. Students enrolled in this program are free to write the HND exam. At the end of their training, students are job and life ready. They have the possibility to continue with the BSc program.

A practical integrated learning system is used. It is focused specifically on developing students’ creativity, employability and innovative skills by exposing them to real world industrial experiences and taking a problem-based learning approach to reiterate discipline learning. The types of practical learning approaches that the students undertake during these two-year degree: Entrepreneurial projects, Laboratory experiments, Farm practices, work experience, professional project (Insertion project: Here, the student prepare and present a good business project that he/she intend to start after his/her training for an easy insertion in the society), workshops and open doors.

Internships and Industrial placements are facilitated via MOUs with Renowned industries and National Research Centers among which, IRAD-Cameroon (Institut de la Recherche Agricole pour le Development), and CDC (Cameroon Development Corporation) to named a few. At the end of the two year, each student presents an insertion project. Here, the student prepares and present a good business project that he/she intend to start after his/her training for a smooth insertion in the society. The project can be related to any of the following fields Agronomy, Animal production, Food science and Agribusiness and extension.