Associate Degree in SB

About the Associate Degree Program


The Associate Degree Program is a world rounded degree and upon completion the graduates will be able to help start their own businesses or help grow their employers business. It is to help graduate achieve the following objectives:

  • Prepare graduates for a career in private enterprise
  • Learning concepts that enhances the relations between companies and consumers
  • It will expose students to a range of issues and challenges faced by businesses as it strives to make organisation successful, sustainable and responsible stakeholders in society
  • Understanding of business growth with emphasis on breadth and depth

Rationale and Philosophy of the Program

The Associate Degree Program is designed with the objective of providing professional competence in term of employability skills and the possibility for learners to scale up into full undergraduate degree in the areas:

  • Accounting and OHADA
  • Management and Human Resources Management
  • Customer Service Marketing
  • Hospitality and Culinary Management
  • Banking and Finance
  • Transport and Logistics

These programs are intended to equip learners with professional competence and work related technical skills to improve on their productivity on their current jobs or intended job. These programs are conceptualised and designed based on the employability and career orientation challenges faced in the top 6 fast growing industries in the Cameroonian corporate world. These programs are intended to deliver a comprehensive job retraining package for workers who are working with an Advance level certificate or with a degree in an area different from that which is required by their current jobs. The programs are designed to address the needs of General Certificate of Examinations (GCE) Advanced level holders who are not able to continue with the complete undergraduate degree but are in need of professional skills that can give them employability so as to be able to scale up in later years to a full undergraduate degree.

Target group of Learners

  • Workers who require job re-training for Professional Competence
  • General Certificate of Examinations Advanced level holders who cannot continue into an undergraduate degree program
  • Learners who are interested in working after the GCE Advanced level before enrolling for a full undergraduate degree program

Delivery Method of the Associate Degree Program

  1. 50% of teaching will be through classroom lectures with entrepreneurial or experiential teaching methods such as:
  • Case Study,
  • Discussions,
  • Problem Diagnoses,
  • Field Work Exercises and Presentations
  • Group Work discussion and Presentations
  1. 50% of teaching will be done in an organisation were students will apply the concepts gained in class during lectures to identify and try to solve or create products and designs that solve real business problems. This will be done under the Field Experience I, II, III and IV.

This will be very good for learners work are already working and for those who are applicant will do it as volunteering at the organisation or enterprises of their choice but only in those organisation approved by the School of Business.

Structure of the Curriculum

The Curriculum structure is made up of 120 credits value courses divided across 4 semesters. Each semester the students are expected to enrol for all enlisted speciality course worth 30 credits minimum and University courses worth 8 or 4credits depending on the semester and level.