The Higher National Diploma (HND) Programme was adopted in CUIB in addition to the four Schools that took off upon the creation of CUIB in May 2010. This Unit was later on transformed to the College of Business and Technology (CBT) in the year 2014.
The College of Technology is an intuition of the Bishop’s wonderful dream of training Job Creators and not job seekers. HND runs for two years. Enrollment has been on a steady increase, more Faculties have been engaged to provide high standards and quality teaching while Fees remain relatively moderate.
In the Academic Year 2015-2016 the College of Business and Technology was split into two different and independent Units: The College of Business and the College of Technology. Since inception in 2010, the then College of Business and Technology was has been headed by the following persons Dr. Kwalar Shadrack (2010), Mr. Nguve Tande Lifita from (2011 to 2013), Mr. Gamnkong John Ney briefly in 2013, Mr. Tinife Richard Tindula (2013 to September 2014), Barrister Nso Dickson (2015). Later when the College of Technology was separated from the College of Business, it was headed by Dr. Ngala Bruno (September 2015 to June 2017), and now Dr. De Bortoli Maurizio (from June 2017 to present).