A.Sc. Information Security

Information security professionals are very much in demand given the vital need of enterprises and organizations to protect their information. This two-year associate degree prepares the student with skills in wired and wireless network security, vulnerability assessments and information assurance. Students master configuring and administering networks and servers in real and virtual environments. Students can gain an entry-level role in the field of cyber and information security. The program is intended to give the student both the theoretical and practical skills to permit them stay relevant in the ever changing Information Technology world. Successful candidates will be offered an Associate of Science Degree in Information Security. The program is tailored to permit a student easily transition into a BSc. program in a related IT field.


In addition to the common program objectives, specific objectives of the program are:
– Design and implement secure Local Area Network and Wide Area Network for an institution or business.
– Assess and evaluate risks, vulnerabilities and threats in computer systems
– Setup and secure computer networks with focus on the trending platform virtualization technologies.

– Demonstrate familiarity in network topologies, routing, switching and network security
– Build and operate secure computer networks
– Troubleshoot, monitor and audit computer networks.


Upon completion of the Computer Networks Design and Administration Associate Degree, graduates will be prepared for careers such as:
•  Information security engineer
•  Network security specialist
•  Security administrator
•  Cyber auditor
•  Information assurance specialist
•  Systems administrator
•  Network administrator