CUIB Students bond with Faculty, Staff and Management

It was another bright moment for the students of the city of saints and scholars who were heartily received by their faculty, staff and the management body of the institution as they made their way into the campus after two months of shut down by the university. Having been away from friends and this lovable academic arena due to strike actions by teachers and lawyers of Anglophone Cameroon which lead to high insecurity, these students once again reunited with the faculty and staff of CUIB.

This reunion aimed at bringing CUIB students together to pray for the restoration of peace and serenity in Cameroon. As they made their way into the entrepreneurial grounds, shaking hands with faculty, staff and the management of CUIB, these students regained hope, trust, and love for their university. Nevertheless, the students wondered and worried about the current crisis that deprives them of their basic rights to education while exposing them to insecurity and other social hazards. However management assured the students of the effort they are putting to ensure that the students are occupied with other activities that will enable them gain new skills that will go a long way to boost their future careers.

This sign of togetherness amongst members of CUIB is the strength that keeps them swimming without sinking even in the core of the adversities that trouble academic institutions in the North and South West Regions of Cameroon. With prayers being at the center of all activities, this day of bonding, witnessed the celebration of Ash Wednesday at the Berakah village of CUIB; a day which marks the beginning of lent. During this celebration, faculty, staff and students of the institution were called upon to share with one another as they walk through the forty day journey with Christ.