Welcome to SANR

To our stakeholders, students, alumni, community partners, parents and friends, I wish you a warm welcome to the School of Agriculture and Natural Resources (SANR).

Today, due to the progress of Science and Technology, food productivity soared high. Along with this advancement, however, are negative aspects like the use of chemicals in abundance for fast growth and production of crops and animals for more generation of incomes; the over-use of chemical additives in foods; pollution and environmental destruction. As results, these damaging features of food production have greatly contributed to the reduction of the quality of the food produced; to the increase of degenerative diseases and mortality rate and finally to global warming. Now that we are challenged with revising the relationship between humans and nature, we have to seek for solutions, by improving on our lifestyle. We believe that, Sustainable Agriculture and especially the practice and adoption of “Organic Agriculture” is the key solution to these challenges. Our goal is to totally move toward the sustainable production of foods for healthy people and environment. To solve the problem of food production versus the preservation of the environment, the school promotes research to a great extent, and offers unique educational programs under the umbrella of the two key words that symbolize our ideals: “Sustainable and Organic Agriculture".

Catholic University Institute of Buea through the School of Agriculture and Natural Resources is the only University in Cameroon offering an Integrated Program in Agriculture (BSc) and a Higher National Diploma (HND) in Food Technology and Agro-Pastoral Advisers. SANR is also the unique institution in Cameroon offering a Master of Science (2 years) and a Professional Master (2 years) in Sustainable Agriculture, with focus on “Organic Agriculture”. Four specialties are offered: Organic Livestock Husbandry and Breeding, Nutrition and Food Quality, Organic Crop Production and Sustainable Agriculture and Development.

The academic program of SANR is designed to satisfy the needs of a rapid evolving national and global agricultural landscape. We train Agricultural Entrepreneurs (Job creators), Agricultural Professionals, Scientists, Scholars, Consultants and Project managers.

Our administrators, faculty, staff, alumni and partners always give their full range of energy, creativity and commitment to ensure that our mission of academic excellence is achieved .Students in SANR acquire skills through mobile and ubiquitous learning, classroom lectures, laboratory practicals, hands-on application, work placements in industries, farm practice, field visits, individual student projects and research. The Postgraduate program of the School of Agriculture and Natural Resources is research and innovation- oriented to improve the quality of life of people and the sustainability of the community as a whole.

The School of Agriculture and Natural Resources is the first destination of choice for students in Cameroon and abroad interested to become true Sustainable Agricultural Leaders.We prepare our students to be life and job ready.

Best Wishes,