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Dear visitor, it is a pleasure to welcome you on behalf of the Community of the School of Agriculture and Natural Resources of the Catholic University Institute of Buea, (SANR-CUIB). The First Agricultural Revolution “Neolithic Revolution” (around 10,000 B.C. was characterized by transition from hunting and gathering to settled agriculture in prehistory and developing the ability to farm crops).

The Second Agricultural Revolution “Green Revolution” (1943 to late 1970) increased industrialized agricultural production in India and other countries in the developing world with a series of research, development and technology transfer initiatives. These agricultural revolutions have always been the backbone of clean and sustainable Industrial and Economic Development all over the world. Nowadays, for Developing countries, agrarian Revolution means a shift from first generation Agriculture to Second generation Agriculture or becoming and emerging country. China, India and Brazil are good examples of countries that have emerged through agriculture. There is a great challenge in a world where more than 1 billion people are affected by severe hunger and poverty and up to 2 billion are malnourished mean while a great proportion of food is being lost through post harvest.

To achieve emergence in 2035 as targeted by his Excellency Paul Biya in his visionary goals, Cameroon needs a new breed of transforming agents and therefore an Innovative and competitive curriculum for higher education studies in sustainable agriculture to minimize post-harvest lost and optimize the value chain in Agriculture.

The school of Agriculture and Natural Resources is designed to train sound and competitive Agricultural leaders for a national and global community and market.Sustainable agriculture is a strategic business and development employment and priority sector for African Governments as well as nationals and Internationals NGOs for the millennia.

You are welcome!

Hako Touko Blaise A, PhD
Lecturer, Animal Breeding and Genetics

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