Experts in Entrepreneurship

Job Description

Teaching and Coaching of students in all the schools on entrepreneurship.

Key Responsibilities:

Lecturing and coaching of students, and involved in other academic related activities.

Minimum Requirements

The potential successful applicant must have at least any of the following qualifications:

  • - M.Eng/MBA with at least Four years of professional experience in Industry/Enterprise or
  • - Certified Professional or
  • - First Degree holders with a huge wealth of experience in Industry, Enterprise /Entrepreneurship or
  • - Successful Entrepreneurs

Posted On: 2018-08-22

Short Info

  • Posted: 7 Mn, 3 days ago
  • Job poster: CUIB
  • Teaching Staff
  • Visits: 2241
  • Requires: Birth Certificate, NIC / Passport, Certificates, Other Support Documents, Professional CV.

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