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Job Description

The Executive Vice President (EVP) shall be the chief operating officer of the Catholic University Institute of Buea system while the Provost will be the Chief Academic Officer.

In the temporary absence or unavailability of the President, the Executive Vice President (EVP) shall assume the duties of the President, unless otherwise directed by the President.

The Executive Vice President shall be directly responsible to the President and shall perform such specific duties from time to time as may be prescribed or assigned by the President.

The Executive Vice President shall have the primary responsibility of assisting the President in maximizing CUIB’s System’s operating performance and achieving its goals. Positions reporting to the Executive Vice President will be prescribed or assigned by the President.

Key Responsibilities:

The Executive Vice President’s primary responsibilities include overseeing the University’s strategic plan, initiating and managing strategic alliances, participating in the development of operating and capital budgets and establishing guidelines and procedures for the management of units reporting to the Executive Vice President.

The Executive Vice President will work collaboratively with the President’s Staff and will provide the President with regular updates on the achievement status of the University’s strategic plan.

The Executive Vice President will establish and monitor performance reporting systems, thereby monitoring performance against performance goals of the University. When requested, the Executive Vice President will assist in other development or alumni activities.

Minimum Requirements

- Master’s Degree in Education or any other related field of study or Ph.D in Education or any other related field of study. However, PhD will be preferred.

- Administrative experience in a four-year institution of higher education is preferred and more than 5 years of progressively responsible administrative experience in a Catholic University.

- English. However, someone with English and French mastery will be preferred. Specific preferred skills include:
• Demonstrated servant leadership skills and abilities, including ability to lead, plan and manage change.
• Demonstrated ability to multitask
• Commitment to quality and integrity
• Demonstrated ability to maintain a “big picture” strategic view and to be a problem solver
• Demonstrated ability to contribute in meaningful ways to the University’s growth.
• Strong Digital, communication and interpersonal skills to include written, oral, listening and presentation
• Skilled decision-maker, with transparency in decision-making and management. Demonstrated knowledge of Catholic Education and ethos.

The Executive Vice President will exhibit qualities of emotional maturity, servant leadership, genuineness, spirituality, creativity, discretion, decisiveness, resiliency, adaptability, courage of convictions and respect for religious diversity.

Demonstrated behavioral expectations include:

• Unquestioned integrity and trustworthiness.
• Commitment to the University’s mission, vision, identity, culture, values, stewardship. and strategic plan. Ability to make good, consistent and fair decisions (based on fact and data).
• Ability to work with cross-functional teams and to foster teamwork.

Application Requirements

a) Application: (letter of interest, full resume, Educational Philosophy, 3 Professional references and their contact information, Proof of volunteerism and community service engagement, Academic certificates, birth certificate, identification document and contact information),
b) Deadline of Submission of applications – 23rd July 2019 at 2.00 pm Cameroon time.
c) Interviews can be done virtual or onsite depending on the request of the applicant. d) The names of the first three selected candidates’ will be submitted to the Board of Trustee of the University for Final vetting and decision.
e) All applications should be submitted online on the CUIB website at
f) Applicants who need any clarification can write to the office of HR

Posted On: 2019-06-26

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