Office of the Provost


As an attached Unit to the Office of the Provost (Chief Academic Officer), it aligns with the Mission of that Office, which is: To Train and Empower all CUIB Faculty Members and Students for the professional entrepreneurial world of excellence and success


The CUIB Biblotheca Sancti et Scholari, which is an emerging model of a modern Library is furnished with books and Journals in the following disciplines: Agriculture and Natural Resources, Information Technology, Engineering, Business Management, Mathematics, Health Science, Education, Psychology, History, Geography, Religion, Language, Music. The Library is also equipped with Novels, Magazines, Reference Books, Newspapers, Senior Year Project Reports and Periodicals. The CUIB Library is also equipped with a Study compartment for Users who desire a serene and conducive environment.

The Library functions both as Lending and the Reference Centre. Books can be borrowed from the Library on specific duration depending on the Category of the User.

Users can gain access to the Library upon presentation of a Personal and Valid Library Card produced and obtained from the Library.

Lenders will be expected to fill a Form when borrowing and returning Books.

The duration of borrowing a Library item can be extended or renewed upon presentation of the books or material borrowed, depending on the Lending policies surrounding the book(s)/ Item(s).

Faculty, Staff, Students and External Users of the Library are not entitled to borrow more than two books at a time.

Two or more books written by the same Author cannot be borrowed by a User (Faculty, Staff, Students or External) at a time.

Encyclopaedias and Project Reports are not listed amongst books to be borrowed except authorized by the Director of Academic Affairs and Library Services or the Provost/Executive Vice-President.

Any User owing Fines due to Damage/Lost or Mishandling of Library Properties and/or books will be suspended from borrowing except otherwise revoked by the Director of Academic Affairs and Library Services or the Provost/Executive Vice-President.

Book(s) borrowed by Faculty and Staff can be kept for a maximum of 10 days, renewable for a maximum period of 7 days upon presentation of the book(s) in question. A fine of Five Hundred Francs (500 Frs.) per day is levied for each additional working day that a Library book(s) stays in their custody after the borrowing period. While for Students, Book(s) borrowed can be kept for a maximum of 7 days, non-renewable and will pay the sum of Three Hundred Francs (300 Frs.) per day for each additional working day a Library Book(s) stays in their keeping after the borrowing period has expired.

Days Monday to Friday (Except on Public Holidays and Ceremonial days of the University)
Hours: 8:00 to 4:00PM