Office of Mission and Identity

Institutions are distinguished by the characteristics that define who they are and they are guided and directed by being faithful to what they set out to do. The office of Mission and Identity at the Catholic University Institute of Buea (CUIB) ensures that all core values of the university are integrated into operations, structures, programs, and practices of the entire university. The office works in collaboration with every other unit of the university, to see that CUIB continues to train professional servant leaders with spiritual and moral values who will contribute to the sustainable development of their communities.

The office ensures the respect of the flagship philosophy and traditions, which make CUIB unique. These are Entrepreneurship, Volunteerism, the Economy of Communion and the Catholic Identity. It strives to uphold the various traditions, commemorated on the following days of celebration: Freshmen First Day, Opening Convocation, Sophomore Convocation, CUIB Entrepreneurial and Academic Fair, Commencement and Alumni Installation; Founder’s day; Alumni Homecoming and Catholic Identity Day. The work of the office transcends these days of celebration to the entire life of the University, from its daily “miracles of life” to institutionalization of CUIB and its relationship with the local and global community.


To keep CUIB true to its mission


Build and enhance training and evaluate programs for CUIB, through workshops, seminars and conferences.

  • Mission of CUIB

To prepare professional servant leaders with moral and spiritual values who will contribute to the sustainable development of their communities.

  • Vision of CUIB

To bring hope to the students and awaken in them a sense of purpose and direction, so that they may achieve social, economic, spiritual, cultural and environmental well-being in their communities in particular and the nation at large.

Content for EOF

Assisi Symbol and message of Peace, Poverty, Spirituality and therefore brotherhood

In its various historical places, Assisi will host dynamic workshops, seminars and lectures during the event with the world’s experts in economics, sustainable development and social sciences.

In the spirit of Saint Francis, in order to make the economy of today and tomorrow fair, sustainable and inclusive, with no one left behind