Office Of Campuses

Welcome To The Office of Campuses, Library and Publication (CLP)

About Us

Our support services practically oversee the smooth running of Campus operations through the following units:

  • Procurement
  • Transport and maintenance
  • Custodial and decorative services
  • Logistics
  • Landscape attendant
  • Librarian
  • Security and access control


In collaboration with the Finance office this unit procures the diverse needs of the University like didactic material, goods and services.

Transport and maintenance

Transports persons and goods Maintains and repairs infrastructure, equipments and vehicles This unit is the custodian of the keys of the Institution.

Custodial and decorative services

Motto: "A healthy mind in a healthy body" Performs a variety of cleaning and janitorial tasks in an orderly and sanitary condition. Is in charge of internal and external decor


Plans and organizes events such as - lectures, diverse conferences, Senate, Congregation, Convocation, and Commencement as far as logistics is concerned Keeps inventory of the temporal goods of the Institution.

Landscape attendants

In charge of landscaping projects Ensures the maintenance of lawns and garden


Facilitates access to information and resources in the library Does indexing and cataloguing Maintains accurate, complete, and orderly computer file storage for easy location, identification and retrieval Manages virtual library content in collaboration with the Center for Digital Service.

Security and access control

Maintain and promote safety on Campus Enforce law and order by ensuring that rules and regulations are respected by everyone Ensures decency on Campus Direct visitors to their respective points of visits.