B.Sc. Computer Networks and Telecommunication Systems

The Computer Networks and Telecommunication Systems programme focuses on developing the technical ability to plan, design, install and monitor network architectures and systems, as well as the market insight and interpersonal skills that every employer looks for.

In this program, the students will develop an in-depth understanding of computer operating systems, network communication systems, telecommunication systems, access networks and will also learn how to integrate hardware and software with business elements. This programme will also enable students to enroll in advanced Networking covering Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) in areas such as routing, switching, security and troubleshooting.

Crucially, students will also enhance market insight and interpersonal skills, as well as teamwork and communication skills, all of which are essential in today’s professional business environment. Together, these academic and practical skills will put the student a step ahead when they get a job. An Industrial placement gives students an invaluable chance to hone their practical expertise, try out a potential career path and get the workplace experience valued by so many employers.


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Upon Graduation, students will:

  • Be prepared for employment in the field of Computer Networking in a business sector of choice with a strong understanding of networking concepts, project management process and team management skills
  • Be able to demonstrate familiarity in routing, switching, security and troubleshooting of data networks
  • Be able to plan, design, install and monitor computer networks of any type

Some of the areas of work into which our graduates venture include:

  • Network Administration
  • System Analysts
  • Telecommunications Analysts
  • Computer Systems Analysts
  • Network systems and data communication analysts.

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