About SB

The School of Business (SB) is an integral School, which offers a Bachelor of Science Degree in  six specialized academic Programs; Accountancy, Banking and Finance, Human Resource Management and Employment Relations, Management, Marketing as well as Insurance and Risk Management. There are several reasons why students should choose the School of Business to pursue their career dreams which includes: a Four – years comprehensive professional Business curriculum which allows students from Freshman level to build a solid foundation for the different career options in Business; fosters a business culture of excellence and professionalism through teamwork and collaboration which builds on the students’ personal achievement and experiential learning; and a student centred inspirational teaching approach  used by an innovative group of research oriented faculty members. Coupled with the entrepreneurial nature of the university, students who graduate from the School of Business develop their Business Ethical Values, Professionalism and Capabilities which are very relevant for 21st Century businesses. The School of Business strives to integrate principles of Business, with the socioeconomic, spiritual, cultural and environmental experiences of its students and faculty in building a Culture of Excellence and a sense of human dignity in the new generation of servant leaders for African and the World. 

Our students are driven by a strong work ethic and desire to become innovative business professionals. Our academically-qualified faculty members come from some of the best academic programs and engage in innovative, impactful research. They bring current theory and knowledge into the classroom and model the intellectual curiosity we desire of our students. Our professionally-qualified faculty members, who are actively engaged in the practice of business, have extensive business experience that helps illustrate for our students the application of business theory. We are fortunate to be surrounded by alumni and members of the business community who actively support and mentor our students.


To foster team work and entrepreneurial innovations to enhance and develop students’ dynamism as experts in the business environment with emphasis on doing good business which is the basis for sustainability.


The School of Business is committed to educating students with a strong cosmopolitan body of knowledge fundamental in every business environment, rooted in ethical and spiritual values.