Convocation of freshmen 2016 Speech

Saturday, Nov 12, 2016

It is an honor and joy for me today, as President and Pro-Chancellor of CUIB, to welcome all of you to this ceremony which officially marks the entrance of our or Freshmen and women for the 2016/2017 academic year into the CUIB community. In CUIB, we call this Ceremony, Convocation. This noun stems from the Latin word “convocare” meaning “to call together” which combines the prefix “com”, meaning “together” and “vocare” meaning “to call”. From the word itself you see that no one is called alone; it is always with others. In a real sense, this gathering does not stop even when you will return to your various homes. By being here today, we are committing ourselves to remain together in a common response. And that response is to support the CUIB family to train a new generation of young men and women, Entrepreneurs, Job creators, innovators, Saints and Scholars (Sancti et Scholari) workers, directors, consumers, students, administrators, economic workers, rich and poor, families who would be called “homo donator”, persons capable of putting into practice the “culture of giving” in a new society that puts solidarity and sharing at the heart of its understanding of relationships.

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