Posted On: Nov 07, 2016

The President of CUIB alongside Vice Presidents were in a management workshop last Friday to discuss and come up with concrete plans geared towards building a solid foundation for the realization of Vision 2020. “The aim of the first management workshop is to work with the leadership team to plan and build for Vision 2020,” Rev. Fr. George Nkeze, President of CUIB stated.

The workshop themed “building for the future” focused on providing management with deep skills needed in attaining the vision. According to Fr. George Nkeze, for Vision 2020 to be achieved management has to understand, believe and foster the vision of the organisation. This he said can only happen when the team works together: for leaders can only succeed when they have the right people. “If CUIB has to achieve Vision 2020, the leadership team is key and we can only make it, when the team makes it. Once the team is good, success comes," he voiced.